Hello! Thanks for checking out my work! 

Welcome to the section that was undoubtedly the hardest to create. Have you ever tried to write about yourself without sounding weird or pretentious? It's not easy!

I've been interested in photography for about twenty years now. I'm happy to say I first started learning it in a darkroom, developing my own negatives, before all this digital stuff took over. That's not to say I don't shoot digital, I absolutely do. But I'm glad I learned the real chemical process behind it all. 

I really enjoy practicing every type of photography. Landscape, night, fine art, I like shooting it all, but photographing people is really what does it for me. Quite often while I am working a wedding or event, you'll see me take some pictures, glance through them on that little camera screen, and smile. I smile because I love capturing those moments that are gone before I even lower the camera from my eye. Smiles, laughs, hugs, tears, all of it! They are genuine moments, and I think that holds more weight than a "smile for the camera" shot any day. 

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