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FULL DAY - $2250 + tax

Woooo!! Your big day! It's finally here, and congrats! You get your very own photographer for your entire wedding day! For 8 hours*, I'll follow you both anywhere to capture every wonderful moment. Well, almost anywhere. No matter you or your partner's gender or gender identity, It's your day, and all I want is to give you the best photographs I can. Fully edited, high-res images on a USB drive and/or ZIP download are included. You can even order prints, cards, and all sorts of stuff right from your gallery!   

*Additional hours available for $250/hr

ELOPEMENTS - $300/hr + tax

Madly in love with that person you just met online and want to take it to the next level? Maybe your families are nuts or you're just private people. Either way, your secret is safe with me! I'll photograph you and your partner for as long as you'd like, with a USB drive or ZIP download of all retouched, high-res images included. If you want to stick it to everyone and send out a photo card to let them know you got married, you can do that too. 

DESTINATION - rates vary

If you want to take me somewhere to photograph your wedding, I will absolutely do that. Wherever you're going, I want to go to there. Final rates vary, depending on, well, a lot of things. But I'd be happy to talk about the details with you! Especially if those details involve how warm it will be or what SPF I should wear! All retouched images on a USB drive or ZIP download are included, and prints are available right from your gallery. 

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ENGAGEMENT / COUPLES - $300 + tax 

You two are like, SO totally into each other, I can tell. Now let me take some pictures of you! For anyone who is recently engaged, celebrating an anniversary, or even best friends, I'll hang out with you for 1.5 hours, wherever you'd like, take a whole bunch of pictures, then you'll get all the fully retouched ones on a USB drive!

FAMILY / KIDS - $300 + tax

Every family has its quirks, and I really try to make those come through by having a fun, relaxed shoot. Whether it's in your home, your backyard, or  your favorite park, I want you and your family to be as comfortable as possible. We can run around, play some games, whatever you all have fun doing! If you all go outside and throw water balloons at each other every Saturday afternoon, let's do it! 1.5 hours, a bunch of fun, USB drive / ZIP download included! 

PROFESSIONAL - $300 + tax

It's not just all about your resume anymore. Nowadays, everyone needs a digital presence and you need a photo that shows you at your best. For 1.5 hours, we'll do just that. Wardrobe changes are encouraged! Whether you need a plain background headshot, or a more environmental portrait, we can make it happen. Choose your favorites, and all originals and your edited choices will be included on a USB / download. Let's get you that job!

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PETS - $300 + tax

Pets are a member of the family, I don't care what anyone says. But unfortunately, they're not always with us for as long as other relatives (for better or worse, am I right?). But while they are, why not have some great photos to always remember them? You can look at them and say "look how well our dog could catch", or "look how cute our cat slept", or "look how great our lizard um, sat there". Fur, feathers, scales, doesn't matter. 1.5 hours of trying to get them to be cute and look at the camera. USB drive / ZIP download of high-res, edited images included.

BOUDOIR - $300 + tax

Hey, I get it. Not everyone is comfortable just hanging around in their unmentionables (crap, i just mentioned them), especially around a guy with a camera. But, like all my shoots, I try to keep the mood as fun and relaxed as possible. Put on your favorite music or movie, have someone there for support, whatever! It'll be more fun than weird, I promise. Also, if you have any ideas or looks you'd like to try, let me know, I'm very collaborative! 1.5 hours, we'll go over your favorites, and you'll get a USB drive / ZIP download of all high-res, edited images.

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